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Welcome to Mardan


Mardan, known as The city of Hospitality, is the second most populous city in the province and is the 19th largest city of Pakistan. Mardan is the Headquarter of a District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. The region has a very rich cultural and heritage History. The district contains the famous archaeological sites of Takht Bahi, Jamal Ghari and Shahbaz Garha.

Mardan has total area of 1,632 km2 (630 sq mi) and total  population(2014) of 2,369,000

The district of Mardan is subdivided into three tehsils for administrative purpose:



2.Takht Bahi



AIMS of the website

Mardan.com is an independent and unique website. It will not only reflect the real life of the people of Mardan but will also work as a tool in the development of this beautiful and wonderful city of culture.

Please send us your views, comments, news, photos, experiences of your visit to Mardan. Please help us make this site a success!


Mardan is suffering as it has:

1. Poor Traffic Control system
2. No proper waste disposal system
3. No International Standard Cricket Stadium
4. No Sports grounds at village level
5. No Train Services despite having Train Station and Train Engine Factory

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