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There are some beautiful museums in the world which attract millions of visitors. The region of Mardan is rich in culture and especially Gandhara remains are matchless. The people of Mardan had the idea of a museum for a long time and they were keen to preserve the heritage. For this reason they formed National Heritage Preservation Societies in the past. Ultimately with the interest of the local Government Officials and the then commissioner of Mardan, Mr R N Sahibzada, the proposal of building a museum in Mardan was made in 1990. The museum was opened in April1991.

The original name is Takht-i-Bahi. This town is situated 15 km from Mardan on Swat Malakand road. In 1908/9 the ancient Buddhist history was discovered in the mountains. Large numbers of buildings look beautiful on top of the mountains.

Unfortunately the possessions of the houses and buildings have been taken away illegally and maybe decorating some famous buildings in the rest of the world. The population is expanding and new houses are approaching the site. If ignored for a few more years, the tourist and historic attractions will disappear.

Cultural heritage has a great historical significance. It represents the taste and theme of the time. The Guides Memorial Mardan also has a very relevant historical importance. It was built by the British in 1892 in memory of their soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defence of Queen’s Residency in Kabul on September 23rd 1879.This historical memorial was built in the centre of Mardan city.

Abdul wali khan university

The Progress of Mardan University

university plane

Dr Ihsan Ali Presenting Mardan University Plan

The people of Mardan are pleased that finally their dream will come true. The current Provincial Government led by ANP has announced to establish a University in Mardan. This is a very good step by the government and will prevail education in Mardan. Congratulations to the government and all those individuals of Mardan who persistently worked in their own capacity to bring the University of Mardan.




The Struggle Behind Mardan University

“We want a University in Mardan”.

Mardan district has one of the highest literacy rates in the country. The people are keen to send their children to schools. There are a number of qualified people in the government services both locally and abroad. This was told by Professor Miraj Khan,the founder of Taleem Tahrik, in a seminar arranged by MIAC.

The population of Mardan has grown rapidly and there is urgent need for more schools and colleges. Many districts like Peshawar, DI Khan, Bannu, Kohat, Abbottabad, Swat and others have Medical Schools and Universities. The students from Mardan travel to other places and stay in hostels. Many parents are unable to afford these expenses and there is a fear that the literacy rate will fall in Mardan.

So far the government has not paid any attention to the long standing demand of the people of Mardan. And that is “We want a University in Mardan”.......2003-2004

Politics of Mardan University

Mardan University needs to be a reflection of the modern world and modern education. For many years the educational institutes in the country have been destroyed by the dirty politics of personal gains. The politicians as well the people must realize now that a University is a place for education only and nothing else.

Naming of Mardan University

The trend in Pakistan is that the names of institutes (hospitals, squares, colleges, universities and others) keep changing with the change of political governments. This is an extremely immature thinking on behalf of the leadership of a party. The worry is that the same can happen to the name of Mardan University. The wise move will be to keep it simple. An ideal name will be..."Mardan University".


awkum test2

awkum test1

(A great demand for education..........First entery test in Mardan University)


I come from a small village near Mardan. Have Ph.D. in Chemistry and am working as a senior scientist in a prestigious chemical company in USA for the last 25 years. At the end of October 2009, I visited Mardan and was impressed with the progress made such as establishment of Mardan University, Medical College and proposed circular road around Mardan. We may agree or disagree with National Awami Party manifesto but we should acknowledge the fact that our young Chief Minister from Mardan is doing a great job and I salute him for his efforts. I'll be glade to volunteer my time for seminars/lectures in chemistry at Mardan University.

Sabz Ali USA

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Mardan Song

Listen to the "Song of  Mardan". The poet is Akbar Hoti Advocate and the singer is Waheed Khan Achakzai, an ex student of Fazle Haq College Mardan.

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