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There are some beautiful museums in the world which attract millions of visitors. The region of Mardan is rich in culture and especially Gandhara remains are matchless. The people of Mardan had the idea of a museum for a long time and they were keen to preserve the heritage. For this reason they formed National Heritage Preservation Societies in the past. Ultimately with the interest of the local Government Officials and the then commissioner of Mardan, Mr R N Sahibzada, the proposal of building a museum in Mardan was made in 1990. The museum was opened in April1991.

The original name is Takht-i-Bahi. This town is situated 15 km from Mardan on Swat Malakand road. In 1908/9 the ancient Buddhist history was discovered in the mountains. Large numbers of buildings look beautiful on top of the mountains.

Unfortunately the possessions of the houses and buildings have been taken away illegally and maybe decorating some famous buildings in the rest of the world. The population is expanding and new houses are approaching the site. If ignored for a few more years, the tourist and historic attractions will disappear.

Cultural heritage has a great historical significance. It represents the taste and theme of the time. The Guides Memorial Mardan also has a very relevant historical importance. It was built by the British in 1892 in memory of their soldiers who sacrificed their lives in defence of Queen’s Residency in Kabul on September 23rd 1879.This historical memorial was built in the centre of Mardan city.


APPEAL Together we can do it!!!

We all know that it will need a lot of efforts and resources to tackle the numerous social, health, education and environmental problems in Mardan. It is not the job of a single person. But collectively we can make a difference.
We need to look after our families and friends first. But if we have extra resources and time then we shall not forget those who need our support.Mardan.com is currently running a few projects and your support can make these a success. You can chose any project of your interest and we will be happy to run it for you the way you like it.


Famous Singer Qamro Jan Appeal

This famous singer of her time is living a miserable life as result of poverty. Her house is a small piece of land surrounded by old muddy walls and no living facilities. One is ashamed of seeing such a poverty stricken house in the 21st century. She is also unable to pay the rent. Qamro Jan was awarded by the Pakistan government for her performance and she was given the excellence award in 1999-2000.

Although it is a big achievement for her and she has enjoyed receiving the award but in fact it is no more than a piece of metal. This is not going to bring an end to her miseries. She is becoming poorer and poorer day by day.

She deserves strong financial support not only from the provincial but from the central government. The authorities and in particular the ministry of culture shall consider themselves responsible for looking after people like Qamro Jan.

Maredan.com is pleased to announce that in response to our previous publication about Qamro Jan, a public support for such artists has grown and to some extent we have been successful in conveying our message.

Moreover Qamro Jan has been awarded a certificate by the friends of Mardan.com along with a cash prize of 5000 rupees. Also the friends of Mardan.com have decided to pay her house rent for two years, from January 2006.We request other friends to come forward and join us in this good cause. We need to support the ones who supported our culture and language.

Sports Appeal


Join us in the development and promotion of healthy sports in Mardan.

Medical / Health


Mardan.com has teamed up with voluntary organisations to arrange Free Medical Camps. One such organisation is AIMS (Abaseen Institute of Medical Science) which will work to identify and treat Sugar patients. You can contribute to such camps and ask us to arrange one for you in your area or village.


Help the Artist Apeal

Muhammad Usman Mardanvi

I have just returned from a two weeks trip to Chitral, a district in the extreme North Western part of Pakistan. I was a tour guide to a Canadian delegation. I have seen so many beautiful sceneries and interesting things in the Valley of Kalash (Rambur) and Kafiristan (the land of infidels).These are worth mentioning but I am going to write about an individual whom we met in a small village in Kalash valley.

Shlogram village is situated on the cliffs of beautiful mountains. There are about thirty houses and the residents are very innocent. They believe in wooden effigies, most probably one of the ancient living religions of the world with unique language, culture, festivals and rituals. Every year thousands of tourists, locals and foreigners, visit the valley and small villages. In this Biblical village I heard about the work of a thirty year old artist. Rahmat Wali is a popular man in the area because of his excellent and creative wood works. The sad side of the story is that he developed Polio in childhood and is unable to walk. He did not go to school and is illiterate. But he is a genius and has got God gifted talent. He has craved some masterpieces of wood, purchased by art lovers at nominal prices.

Rahmat Wali is a very hospitable and polite man. He talked to us nicely and showed us around his simple house. He has four sisters and one brother and himself being the eldest. He is not receiving any benefits from the Government of Pakistan. Our Canadian tourists helped him through purchase of a decoration piece. I was unable to purchase anything or pay him as I do not have enough resources. But I did appreciate his art and excellent work. I also promised him that I will introduce him to the entire world. That is why I wrote these few lines with the hope that there will be someone, in some corner of the world who would help this paraplegic artist. And the best way will be to provide him means so he can utilise his expertise to the best of his ability.

For more details send email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Orphans and Needy children

There is a large number of children who need education and social welfare support. Mardan.com is keen to help these children and it will appreciate your help in this good cause.The Orphanage can be reached on www.sykorphanage.org

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Mardan Song

Listen to the "Song of  Mardan". The poet is Akbar Hoti Advocate and the singer is Waheed Khan Achakzai, an ex student of Fazle Haq College Mardan.

Can we help ?

We will be pleased to provide help if you require:Please drop us an e-mail or contact

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Pasoon Magazine

Pasoon has become one of the best Pushto Magazines in a very short time.We hope it will improve more with time and will maintain a very high standard. Those who love and want to promote their language"Pushto" shall support Pasoon Magazine.